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Living the Life of a Retailer During a Pandemic

Who knew? It was already rough for a brick-and-mortar retailer. Amazon killed the retail business without people realizing it until it was too late. Now we have to deal with a Global Pandemic the size and scope we have not seen since 1918.

Who knew... Life will be different from here on out. As a sign of The Changing Times I actually have subscribed to using a retail app. Something entirely new to this 45 year old GenXer. I guess there's really an app for everything. But I figured since everyone is staying at home looking at their phones and computers, I might as well try and get in front of everyone's faces and bother them a little bit.

Who knew... I would be attempting to sell handmade Hawaiian gifts and art to people across the world on a phone app. Because now we are locked down, stores shuttered, and possibly bored out of our minds looking for a glimpse of what the world is like outside of our small confined areas. We are tired of watching the news, silently thinking to ourselves about competing with other states as to see which state can get through this Pandemic the fastest. You haven't? I have.

Who knew... I would cook so much. I didn't, but I feel like I have the need to fill my refrigerator with food just incase our food supply being shipped to Hawaii gets interrupted by this global shutdown. Then we have to cook and eat the food before it goes to waste. Rinse and repeat.

Who knew... That the Hawaiian community would come so close together in defeating this Pandemic that we stand so far apart without the normalcy of hugging one another. The out pouring of support from our close knit family and friends here in the islands gives hope every day that things will get better. And if we stick together as a community we will conquer this Pandemic and see a better future that's not so reliant on external economic sources of income, but more sustainable and diverse in nature here in OUR island home.

Mahalo for all of your support!

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