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A Classy Spin on a Classic European Pen

My first thought with this pen was very interesting, to say the least. I wasn't too amazed by it because of it's simplicity until I actually held it and tried it out. The simple design is actually the best factor when I took a closer look. This pen feels just "just right" when held in the hand, not too large and not too thin, not too light and not too top heavy. The length was perfect as it wasn't long or short. It has a solid and stable feel, all the while comfortable in your hand as you write.

Although the pen comes in various styles of inlays and finishes, what caught my eye was the Premium Hawaiian Koa style. The mix of curly Hawaiian Koa in the form of a classic European pen blending together harmoniously, creating a unique and stylish writing instrument that can only be described in one word - beautiful.

The finish on this pen enhances how exquisite the Hawaiian Koa is. Not only does it protect the wood from water, oils, and UV rays, but it also brings out the details on the wood. It brings out how unique each and every pen is, and how each piece of wood (or inlay, or stone) is perfectly paired to give it the best aesthetic pleasure. (add more info on pen)

The construction and finish on this pen is outstanding and very seamless and solid from end to end. No extras, no unnecessary parts. The twist mechanism allows for left and right hand holders, and fits perfectly with the "Goldilocks" theme of not to much and not too little of all the other physical characteristics.

Personally, I would recommend this as a safe, neutral go-to pen for those that want to buy a stunning quality pen as a gift, but don't know what the other person prefers in terms of weight or width or grip size. It's perfect for every day use as the barrel isn't too wide or narrow when gripped, and your hand won't feel fatigued as fast when writing long letters.

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