Hawaiian Koa Dagger

Ancient Hawaiian warriors, or Koa, were the bloodiest and most brutal fighters in Hawaiian history. They trained like Olympians to keep their bodies in shape, the Nobles practiced ancient Hawaiian martial arts called Lua, and specialized in many deadly and gruesome techniques like bone breaking and disembowelment. And you thought MMA was hardcore! Many of these weapons were made just for that task. Weapons were fashioned from objects found in nature, from the land, sea, and sky. Gruesome spears, axes, and clubs were used to incapacitate enemies by breaking bones, severing limbs, and puncturing vital points in the bodies. And if that's not dark enough, some of these so called weapons were use

Designer Retro Fountain Pen

With all the pressure on my first blog, it took me a while to think of an item that would "WOW" the reader, and overall make an impact to hopefully make you keep reading. So please *gets on knees*, please - keep reading... The Designer Retro Fountain Pen has a classic feel with a modern look. The Hawaiian Koa paired with different inlays like marble, turqouise, and jasper stones to high quality italian acrylic and surfboard resin make this pen not only amazing to look at, but also a pen collector's dream. Or you could buy two. One to use and one to look at... The "Aaron finish", as we've come to call it, gives it that shine and serves two purposes. It protects the koa wood from water and oil

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